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Ultimate Mission Of Fitness Witness

The ultimate mission of a Fitness Witness is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ while promoting health and fitness throughout the world. Our aim is to inspire you to grow in your faith, eat healthy, and get fit. We bring the love and hope of Jesus that transforms your life while impacting those around you. Combine that with a genuine desire to see others live an empowered life. You can become the best version of yourself through progressing in your spiritual and physical journey. We want to bring the best of fitness, nutrition, recovery, and supplementation all under one roof for individuals, who take an integrated holistic approach to their own health and fitness. We specialize in getting people physically fit in order to meet their spiritual needs for a transformational lifestyle maximize your potential through the FitnessWitness platform. The heart behind our ministry is to love people unconditionally, it’s God’s love and goodness that changes us. And the focus is to bring that love and hope of Jesus to a desperate world.

A certified fitness witness trainer only purpose is to lift your spirits, and improve your heart rate with each workout.

Steve Miholics, the original Fitness Witness, author of from Working Out with God 365 daily devotional and creator of the Fitness Witness Method. Steven Miholics is living testimony as a witness that will produce hope and love to a desperate world. (see from FitToFound testimony on website.)

He has received ministry and fitness academic degrees to go with use of intentional on the job training in both fields. The following achievements are combined to represent Mr. Miholics academic and practical training. Education, ministry five years of Bible college at the Miami International Seminary (MINTS), and earned a bachelor’s degree in theological studies, three years as a student and facilitator discipleship servant, leadership training with MasterLife, two years of Family Integrity Training (FIT), two years of Celebrate Recovery (one year student and one year as a facilitator), specializing in crisis center, drug and alcohol addiction, recovery fitness, and an AA degree in Fitness and Nutrition from Stratford University, and received an I.A.F.S. Minister of Fitness certification degree from Lee Haney, I.S.S.A. Elite trainer certification. Steve also currently offers in-person personal training at Fitness360.

Steve’s on the job training includes 15 years combined of practical discipleship, mentoring, teaching, preaching, and ministry field experience and 15 years experience as a fitness and wellness instructor for fitness classes.

Quote from Steve:

My past has equipped me to do what I desire to do today I want to advocate for the incarcerated and those recently released. I want to help churches understand the importance of consistency in a persons life we can’t just tell people all about Jesus and then leave them to figure it out on their own we must model his love, and teach them how to have a relationship with him we must stand by people even the  difficult ones. They need the love of Christ demonstrated intangible ways.

I was an alcoholic, finding a workout group to get cleaning off the streets was a game changer had a good support network behind you to remind you you’re not alone and help you with your fitness journey no matter the challenge, whether obesity, addiction, increase disease risk. You can change your life for the better. It all starts with taking the first step to Jesus get inspired.

I’m a trainer that will lift your spirits and heart rate with each work out and help you set goals and stay on track so you can reach the best possible shape of your life. When following me you’re getting more than just a physical transformation You’re going to change your life and grow spiritually. As your trainer, if I just help you get fit, I failed it’s about strengthen your core and your spirit. If I can inspire you to live a different life, then I’m fulfilling my purpose. I’m a live in testimony showing you that it can be done not just a trainer telling you what to do. I created a safe, efficient fun and effective and result driven training program for all my clients. I’m more than about teaching a lifestyle not a quick fix  which entails changing your diet and having discipline. I encourage followers to commit to a 12 week program and be consistent no matter what.